FACT: Everyone has favourites. Your pets, your parents, even your personal trainer.

And maybe that favourite is you, maybe it’s not, let’s move on.

London has her negatives. The expense. The commute. The constant movement and never slowing down. But there’s nowhere else on this tiny island which comes close to matching the sheer variety of foodie things available. New hot spots and Insta-trends are appearing every week and it’s no easy feat to keep up.

But is new better? Always? No. But sometimes new can become a regular, and regulars can land that special spot in your heart.

So welcome to my new mini series of London eating: Five favourites, and believe me when I say I have eaten many things in many places and so anything landing a spot must be pretty damn good.

So let’s get on with it. Today we are doing an Ice cream edition. Which also happens to be my favourite (shocker).


Shackafuyu. Kinako french toast & matcha soft serve.

Good god it’s good. And as it’s the only dessert on the menu, it has to be. A thick wedge of french toast, drenched in butter, caramelised on the outside, coated in kinako dust. Served with a tiny mountain of damn creamy matcha soft serve ice cream. I weep for this dessert. I bow to it. I’ve seen people (I’ve been one of them) who have come here just for the ice cream. The servers come to expect it, I imagine.

At £6 it will not disappoint. How could it? Look at it. It’s so. Damn. Beautiful.



Yolkin macaron ice cream sandwiches.

Thank you Instagram, for you have proved your worth for this alone. Originally a one woman team, this pop up runs weekends only and only has a set number of macaron ice cream sandwiches available. From 12pm until sell out- which can be as little as an hour and a half later.

Super photogenic and with ever changing flavours (there are four every week), this is the summer’s hit and- if you can get one- are well worth the £4.50ish they cost.


Chin Chin Labs. Nitro ice cream.

Okay so disclaimer, I used to work there. Doesn’t matter. If you want ice cream so smooth you can’t feel a single crystal, voila, here, take it.

Frozen to order at -196 Celsius using liquid nitrogen, in front of your very eyes you see creme anglaise transformed, hand paddled and scooped into the creamiest ice cream imaginable.

With four flavours plus a vegan option available at any one time, £4.95 plus topping or sauce is a steal. The real question is do you want a second one?


Blu top. Literally any of their ice cream sandwiches.

I love you Blu top. Found at Druid Street market, Kerb and the occasional pop up for various festivals and events, Blu top are a welcome and relatively new addition to the London ice cream scene.

With the usual option of four flavours, you can build your own ice cream sandwich; choosing your ice cream, two cookies of choice, and a topping. For £4.50. In London. That’s madness. I love it.


Bao. Deep fried bao with horlicks ice cream.

Tbh I love what is essentially a deep fried brioche and I love horlicks so this was never not going to work for me.

Again, it’s the only dessert offering at the original Soho Bao location and it’s a delicious little malty treat to finish of you’re meal. It’s also only £4.0. Order it.















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