E5 Bakehouse. £.

It’s probably fair to say that the E5 bakery, alongside the establishments which surround it, are the core reason why London Fields has long been cited as an up and coming locality.  Set inside once abandoned railway arches, there’s a charm to E5; it’s cosy, honest, and everything is industrial and open. You can see the fresh loaves of bread, still cooling, the sumptuous display of homely treats is generous and vast and comfortingly familiar- delicious takes on childhood classics, and the smell of coffee permeates throughout.

Whatever your vice may be; it’s their bread for which they are famed, and if nothing else tempts you their E5 sourdough, in particular, is worth the trip.

Arch 395, Mentmore Terrace,

London E8 3PH

020 8986 9600

Monday: 7.00 – 7pm

Tuesday: 7.00 – 7pm

Wednesday: 7.00 – 7pm

Thursday: 7.00 – 7pm

Friday: 7.00 – 7pm

Saturday: 7.00 – 7pm

Sunday: 7.00 – 7pm

Walk-ins only.


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