Hey guys,

So because I love my boyfriend I was making him a little orange cake and after posting up pics (naturally) I got quite a few requests for the recipe, so here it is!

And guess what?

So. Damn. Easy.

I should start off, however, by giving y’all a heads up that as a gluten free, dairy free, and generally “healthier” cake the texture isn’t going to be that of a light and fluffy sponge. This is a moist, dense cake that’s not until a baked flan or Venetian carrot cake tbh.



Okie doke, so let’s get started:


2 Large oranges

3 Eggs

200g caster sugar

300g ground almonds

A little oil to grease your cake tin.

And for the syrup and confit orange:

An extra orange- You want the peel, and the juice.



Awesome. So yes, like five ingredients.

And now the method!

  1. Boil the 2 oranges in water for about ten minutes, drain it (it’s bitter, ugh), fill your pan with fresh water and carry on boiling the oranges for another 15-20 mins. You want them soft, basically.
  2. Once they’re boiled, drain the water, and pop the oranges into a blender/use a blender stick to blitz the fudge out of them. Peel, seeds, everything. Blitzy bltizy until you’re left with very fragrant orange mush.
  3. Now, crack your eggs in a bowl and add the sugar; whisk until light and foamy.
  4. Fold in your orange mush and your ground almond. Gently though.
  5. Oil up your cake tin and pour the mixture in. You want the oven not too hot because we’re going for a slow & low bake. So about 160c or Gas mark 6 for 55-60 minutes.
  6. For your syrup, peel an orange, then slice it in half and squeeze the juice into a pan. Add water and sugar at a 1:1 ration. So if you add about 200ml water, put also 200g sugar, alongside the peel and the orange juice. Now give it all a stir and put your pan onto a hard boil until the liquid reduces into a nice sticky syrup with confit orange peel.
  7. When your cake is done (stick a chopstick or knife in the middle, it should come up relatively clean), prick holes all over it with a fork.
  8. Literally pour your sticky syrup all over it, glazing the cake and sinking through the holes you’ve made.


It’s tasty and pretty low fat so, yano, a treat today without regret tomorrow.






















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