By the time my boyfriend and I finally decided to head down to Farmopolis for a late lunch it’s nearing 3pm.

As Farmopolis is open and serving various things from 10am straight on through until 9.30pm, it meant we were those dicks who interrupt the chef’s mise en place time and for that I am truly sorry and annoying.


Every year the Chelsea Flower show delights and dazzles the world, and every year thousands of flowers are thrown away when the show closes. Why waste what you can keep, nurture and grow?

Throw in some delicious, seasonal and beautifully present food and voila: you have Farmopolis.

A stone’s throw from North Greenwich and the spikes of the O2, Farmopolis is an all day dining experience, cafe and music venue set inside an above water greenhouse which shelters thousands of plants and flowers which would have otherwise gone to waste.

The result? A clean air, super green and super chill experience.

The menu is simple and expertly done, offering seasonally foraged ingredients that has something for everyone- clean eaters and carnivores alike.


When we go it’s super laid back- the staff are wonderful- they’re relaxed and it’s authentic. I get a coffee (Volcano. Very good.) a reuben sandwich and a dessert. S’all delicious to be honest.


For £8.50 a sandwich has to be something special, and it is special. With crisp, sweet and tart sauerkraut, a generous amount of beef and cheese, and coleslaw on the side. It’s filling and delicious and I have a very happy ten minutes.


Dessert is a good price. At £5 it’s a very well made chocolate mousse (silky, creamy, rich but not heavy- neither set like a ganache nor aerated and bubbly) with cherries and salt. I love it. Also, all of the plates and china are a super cute design.


I really like Farmopolis. It actually throws me back a little to when I was working as a pastry chef at Fera. The plating, the use of very English and seasonal ingredients, the earthy organic vibe. It’s taking the stuffy, highly complex Roganic mindset and simplifying it dramatically, taking it outdoors; which I love.


All in all, I can’t wait to see how the menu changes with the coming winter months, and I would recommend Farmopolis in a heartbeat for those of you who want to escape the city without leaving Zone 3.




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