Way up on the 35th floor of London’s cheese-grater building (apparently it’s known as the “walkie-talkie” but my imagination doesn’t stretch that far) is the city’s hottest of hot spots. The Sky Garden.

Boasting a cafe, bar, brasserie and restaurant; there’s an eclectic mix of tourists, bloggers (yo) and city workers here to woo, wine and dine.


The space is huge and light; it’s a structure of the future, featuring the best of modern architecture. Steel, glass, nature.

It’s a pretty wonderful feeling to be so high up, so very central to city life and yet so far removed from it. In the Sky Garden you are in a little bubble of green, and the air tastes clean.


As you might expect, the food isn’t cheap, although the goods look attractive and rustic. £3 for a sausage roll though? £3.50 for a meringue. Mmmm. Are you paying for the view or is it just extortion? You decide.


The booking process is simple; you book an hour slot from a limited amount, print it off, and then show it to one of the many members of staff when you arrive.

And then there’s airport like security which, although unsurprising, is rather elitist, no? You don’t need to pass through a metal detector and have your bags placed on X ray machines to go into the National Gallery or the Eiffel Tower, do you?

But it’s a different clientele here. Lots of money, ergo, lots more security.

The building cost £200 million to build and is probably one of London’s finest new builds; the fact that it’s open to the general public as opposed to being kept entirely for the use of City workers- and for free- is a wonderful thing.

It’s the perfect spot for first date, after work drink or afternoon stroll; and no charge for entry? A rare thing in London, so do be sure to take advantage of this- whilst you still can.



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