So if you know me AT ALL you will know that I love all things Korean. Cutie lip tints, food, K pop, fashion: I breathe it.

So when I saw that Tk Maxx for some reason, in one specific store, had shed loads of Korean skincare products on offer (at eye watering prices), I sent my boyfriend a message of cute wistfulness that…maybe…he could just pop down and have a look for me whilst I was at work? Please? For me?

Three hours later and fifty quid lighter he came home with a HAUL of goodies for my angel self.

And I was very happy.

So let’s have a look?

DISCLAIMER. I don’t read Korean. I have no idea what some of this stuff could be, but that’s part of the joy. Fun, isn’t it?

First up, we have Neogen’s glacial magic pore mask. Made proudly with Canadian clay and science.

It’s so damn smooth. Like spreading the lightest, creamiest mousse all over and then after leaving it for five minutes it dries and tightens your pores like nothing else. Warm water, lather, wash off and you’re left feeling like plastic.

Your skin gradually relaxes after an hour or two and it is soft. I’m talking baby smooth. I’m understanding the £26 price tag before shipping costs from Korea.


These cute as hell facemasks were bought for their kawaii factor. No other reason. He got them because they are so damn adorable.


And to balance them out because I’m a grown woman, my boyfriend also picked out these more mature facemasks which boast honeycomb, almond and rose.

Then he went right back to picking things based on how cute they are and how much I like cute things.


With a donkey milk base, these face masks are relaxing and luxurious. You leave it on for twenty minutes and then voila: soft, soft, soft. I’m more excited about trying another product by the same Piggy people…


THERE IS GOLD IN THIS FACE MASK. Thank you Google for English info as neither my boyfriend or I realised that it’s a gold based mask. He actually only bought it because there’s a pig on the front dressed like a spirit hunter and it amused him.

Google Mr Vampire.


Anyway, I’ll update when I’ve tried more of these goodies, but they exist and so far MY SKIN BE FLAWLESS.




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