I’ve been following the WA Cafe for a while now as they pop up fairly regularly on my Instagram feed and the only reason it’s taken me this long to actually haul myself over there is because they’re based in Ealing Broadway. I live in Greenwich.

That’s one train, a walk, and two busses away. Oh, and two hours.


Fortunately, I’m a traveller and if my boyfriend has four power packs fully charged and Pokemon Go open, he is also travel happy. So, finally, we made our way.

A Japanese patisserie in every way, WA is clean, white, modern and beautiful.

The display is full of classically french gateaux with Japanese flavours and Chinese influences- mainly sweet, there are some savoury options and breads on offer too. And everything is pretty cheap- A patisserie to take out costs as little as £4.

My partner and I settle in and opt for a chicken curry bun, an egg mayo bun and a chocolate-praline slice. Service is quick and efficient, and the smell has us salivating from the get go.


We try the chicken curry bun first and it’s delicious. Crossed between bao and beignet and rolled in panko, it’s light like a particularly golden brioche and stuffed with a meaty, hot but not too hot, curried chicken mix. I’m not a lover of spice but it’s subtle and gives heat without burning your tongue. It’s delicious.


The egg mayo has a similar fluffy texture, except it’s been fried with cornflakes. Inside the egg mayo is so chunky and moist and perfectly seasoned that, mixed with the brioche and cornflake crunch, it’s a heavenly bite. Unusual and so very delicious.


The chocolate and pecan praline slice has eight layers and is delicious. It’s rich, but not sickly, and has soaked sponge, the crunch of praline and the depth of a dark chocolate ganache all in one bite. It’s one for the chocolate lovers out there.

In short, I loved WA. Last week I went to check out Dominique Ansel, spent three times as much and came away with less gushing things to say.

If you haven’t been to WA yet, check it out. Is it worth the commute? Yes. Is it a little treasure? Yes. Will it become a new favourite?

Really freaking likely.



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