You’re sixteen, you’re pregnant and you’ve been kidnapped.

If you’re anyone else you give in, but if you’re a manipulative prodigy you fight back in the only way you can. You use what you’ve been given against your captors.

You have only one chance to save your life and that of your unborn child. You’re calculating, methodical, and as your kidnappers are about to discover, they made a big mistake in abducting you.

What happens when the victim is just as dangerous as the captors?

First off, lemme just say; spoilers ahead!

Okay cool.

Now, lemme also say FINALLY A PROTAGONIST Y’ALL CAN APPRECIATE. More often than not the lead characters in any YA book, thriller or not, mature or not, is an irritant. So many books I’ve read over the last few weeks have featured whiny and, frankly, annoying protagonists. Which is fine, because when I was 16/17/18/19 I was pretty whiny and annoying too.

Now Lisa, our protag in The Method is distinctly whine-less. She’s not a sociopath okay, but she does have sociopathic…traits. She can flip on her emotions like pressing a switch. Switching them off is just as easy; and because of this her narration is cold, calculated and just sassy enough to keep you 100% in her corner.

I really enjoyed The Method; it takes your classic thriller and then deconstructs the expectant roles. Who is the cat? Who is the mouse? Is Lisa a genius or just a fantasist? Are the actions justified? Is she…good? Or like, super evil.

You’ll be asking yourself a lot of these questions by the end, but regardless of how you stand with her actions, it’s really hard not to like her. The surround characters are equally interesting and there’s no part of this book which really dragged. I actually breezed through the whole thing in one night; it’s one of those books which catches you from the get go, which is great.

I’d recommend The Method if you’re in the mood for a sassy thriller, and personally I can’t wait to see what else Shannon Kirk puts out in the future.


RATED: ✮✮✮✮

You can buy The Method here:  On Amazon.


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