So. A double book review. That’s double the fun and double the spoilers. I’m wayyyyy behind the hype train with this series so I think it’s safe to assume y’all have read these books anyway.

Where. To. Begin.

A Court Of Thorns And Roses. (ACOTAR), Sarah J Maas, ★★★.

So. Going in, my expectations were indeed high. A friend of mine recommended the series and like with her choice of buddies, she has good taste in books. She raved, lemme tell you, so naturally I was ready to join in.

So the story begins with an introduction to the universe and our protagonist Feyre is a mighty skilled huntress. She handles what needs handling to get food on the table for her family, you hear? Even if her family are dicks which they absolutely are.

Feyre doesn’t appreciate your nonsense okay, and it’s a promising start because LO AND BEHOLD a female protagonist who has a spine. This is hopeful.


So Feyre basically sees a wolf in the forest and she’s kind of worried that it might be a fae- an ethereal being from across the divide, because she lives pretty close to the wall which separates them and some fae can shape shift.

She’s not that worried though because she still decides to kill it. Then she skins it, because in for a penny and all that.

Turns out wolfie is a fae and long story short, Feyre gets taken across the border and ends up in the Spring Court. She is to spend the rest of her life (fae are eternal, humans are not) under the protection of Tamlin, who is High Lord (big cheese) of the Spring Court.

ACOTAR is inspired by beauty & the beast, but there are some noticeable differences. Tamlin for one is not a beast, he is a beautiful fae man who just happens to have a mask stuck to his face. Annnnnnd Feyre doesn’t love books, she’s illiterate but has an artistic heart and loves to paint.

So there’s your premise, but also, kinda, there’s your whole story.

giphy (16).gif

My main issue with ACOTAR is that nothing really happens for the first 75% of the book. Only in that final 25% do things begin to occur. We come face to face with the book’s number uno antagonist; a potential love triangle unfolds with Rhysand, the High Lord of the Night Court (Monseiur Sassy Pants); and Feyre is forced into some solo Hunger Games style activities to lift the curse of the Spring court (freeing them of the masks and limited magic etc etc). 

It doesn’t surprise me really to learn that ACOTAR was a popular online story on fictionpress before being picked up by Bloomsbury and put into print; it definitely has that feel of online story telling in chapter structuring. 

When I got to the end of the book I was honestly just feeling…meh.

It wasn’t actively bad and I was keen enough to move onto book two, which I am glad now that I did because…

A Court Of Mist And Fury, (ACOMAF), Sarah J Maas, ★★★★.

So diving straight back in we have Feyre who is NOW A FAE and about to get married to Hamlin but is alsooooo stuck in an agreement with Night Lord Sassy Pants because he kinda saved her life in the last book, no biggie, so she has to spend a week of every month with him. Some Persephone/Hades vibes ya hear.

Hamlin essentially becomes an overprotective asshat and as Feyre is walking down the aisle she freaks out. She doesn’t want to marry him and turns out she doesn’t have to.

Because Rhys Night Lord shows up and whisks her away. 

giphy (17)

And they. Be. Sparking.

The plotting intensifies and a whole new cast of yas af characters are introduced and Feyre’s feelings towards Hamlin pretty much vanish.

source (1).gif

There is a lot of charisma and the banter filled pages just come to life, honestly ACOMAF is a much better book that it’s predecessor and I finished the whole thing in two days.

Is there drama? Is there moping? Is there some tedious dragging at points? But of course. But all the good points by far outweigh those slight annoyances.

giphy (18)

By the end of the book I don’t think there’s one damn reader who who’s not slightly infatuated with Lord Sassy Pants and rooting for their continual and everlasting love.

That’s not what you’ll get though.

What you actually get is Tamlin being a TRAITOR AND A FOOL. Sorry I don’t know what happened there, I’m never normally so aggres- A FOOL I TELL YOU.

The major asshat betrays ALL FAE AND ALL GOOD THINGS to force Feyre back into his court because he is an obsessive muppet. He even breaks the bond she has with Rhys. Or so we think.

Because would you look at that? When Feyre re-enters Tamlin’s court she is already a taken woman.

giphy (19).gif

High Lady of the night court brah.

So yeah ACOMAF ended on a high and yes I am indeed pumped for A Court Of Wings and Ruin (ACOWAR) which comes out next month. I wanna see sass and I wanna see romance okay? So sue me.



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