Guys, I was so excited.

So excited for the release of A Court of Wings And Ruin, the third in Sarah J Mass’s ACOTAR series.

The second book in the series, ACOMAF, was a fantastic read. Well paced, full of twists and wit and character development, and it left me so so hungry for this new instalment. I’m a keen YA and fantasy reader, although good YA and fantasy is hard to find, but with ACOMAF I felt that Mass nailed it. So on May 5th believe me I was ready, fingers poised to buy direct to my kindle. 

I bought it, and read it in all of two days.

So why three stars?

Well. Spoilers ahead.

giphy (22).gif

So the book kicks off slowly. The first half actually, is pretty boring. It’s not terrible but I really felt that it dragged; the entire story is the lead up to a big ass battle and confrontation between good(ish) and evil and it takes a long time to get there. That’s not automatically a bad thing but what actually happens in the lead up to the battle? A few bits set into motion to come into play later and a few character growths, but certainly not enough to warrant 600 odd pages. 

The characters too, are less engaging that in the last book. Feyre’s sisters come into play as characters in their own right but neither are particularly likeable. They border on Mary Sues; one is mute and disengaged from the world but so beautiful even in her emaciated, sullen state, she’s still an object of desire, and the other is more vocal but, frankly, a bitch. But that’s okay too because she’s so beautiful even in her boring coldness she still also an object of desire.

giphy (23).gif

So yeah, slightly boring and not the greatest cast of characters. They were just too heavily involved and there’s only so many times you can have the same scene of “Feyre tries to reach out to Sister 1/Sister 2 and they reject her because they are sad/angry/bitter/hurt” etc. It was in every other chapter.

giphy (25).gif

So. Good points?

Well Rhysand is back and as fabulous as ever. He’s a little softer than before, and a little less sassy which is a shame. I miss that sass. There are a few new characters thrown into the mix who add a few edges and angles as the high lords come together, and they’re good fun but there’s none of the magic from ACOMAF. 

The final battle is great, and there are some twists which adds to the explosion of action and drama. And there will be tears at some point probably.

And the ending? Well the ending is neat. It ties up everything in a nice little bundle, leaving you satisfied as a reader.

It does make me wonder though: what next? There are more books due for this series but I’m not sure where they’ll be heading. We’ve been introduced to a wider universe, so I imagine they’ll play a part in the future books, as well as us getting some answers for the likes of Lucien and the human queen(s) etc. There’ll need to be some new threat for the over-lining story arc though, and who knows what that will be. 

So…yeah! Read it. Enjoy it. And hit me up with some new reads for the months ahead.


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